Tuesday, 28 July 2009

New Flower Pack and A Big Puffy Cheek

So...I woke up Saturday morning with a bit of a tooth-ache. Nothing major...couple of ibuprofen and off we went to Ikea. £831 of furniture later my mouth above the tooth starts to swell a little. Then a little more....then...the entire right side of my face is swollen and my eye is almost shut. Out-of-hours doctor sent me to hospital in a different town about 30 minutes drive away. So...we duly bundle up the children and drive through. After a wait in casualty on a Saturday night (drunken Dundonians are damned scary by the way) I get to see a doctor who tells me there is something wrong with my tooth! (wtf?I dragged my kids out at 11pm for this?). So..after being sent home I spent a sleepless night with my big face. Next morning it's bigger!! So..out-of-hours this time sends me to emergency dentist. She was gonna treat the tooth but after agonisingly sticking me with a needle 3 times we concluded that the local anaesthetic wasn't working. She sent me home with lots of drugs. That night my abcess broke. Yay...nothing like a mouth full of poison to complete your weekend. So...how can this tale possibly get worse you ask? Said mouth full of poison gave me an infection. Cue the feverish shakes and shivers :(. So now...I have a swollen face and a dentist appointment tomorrow and am only just capable of being upright. But...somewhere in the midst of this toture I decided to release a new CU Flower Pack. 8 images, full size, 300dpi and not an abcess in sight. Enjoy!!

You can purhcase them at Digital Chaos, DigiFox's Studio, Scrappy Do, Stargazer Scraps or Commercial Use.com.

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  1. Hi hon! I was just thinking about you yesterday and wondering how you were! Hope all is well! All your kits are so fabulous! I love the castle and the hairdresser kit!! Congrats on the new store too!!! xo